We’ll Always Have Little Havana

Trump slams the door on Cubans

Donald J. Trump’s Cuba policy is a dog and pony show for Little Marco and the old school hardliners. Trump could give two fucks about it. He’d open a hotel & casino in Havana if he could get away with it. Right now would probably not be a good time with his ongoing Russia investigation. This is all political table scraps for Marco Rubio to chow down on at Versailles with his ever-shrinking base. They don’t see the bigger picture for Cuba’s future and they’re continuing to use the playbook of the 1960’s. Trump has a hard-on for autocrats and seeing him criticize the Castro regime is laughable. Trump’s record on human rights already is piss poor and will get worse as time goes on. This all for votes in South Florida in 2020.

The U.S. business community is not happy about his new travel restriction policy. America CEOs are saying this will screw American companies such as Google, Master Card, & the cruise line industry who have already invested millions into the future of Cuba. Reinstating travel restrictions will hurt families, business, and isolate Cubans.

Oh, by the way, Fidel Castro is dead. How much can this boogie man continue to haunt us? Engagement with the people is key to bringing in a new era for Cubans. We’ve had isolation for far too long.

Image credit CC-BY-SA-2.0 Pedro Szekely @predrosz
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