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Friday Round Up

It’s a wrap another busy week in the Trump era. Here’s my take on everything you might’ve missed.

You know things are bad when your attorney hires an attorney, as well as your Vice President. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that Jared Kushner lawyered up too. It’s so easy to lose count. The legal industry is going through a serious boom time when lawyers have to hire their own lawyers and pretty soon those lawyers will have to hire their own lawyers and those lawyers should probably have some lawyers on speed dial in case things continue getting sticky like a bottle of spilled syrup on a Russian tea table. Not to mention all of the on-air legal experts that cable TV will need to fill the airwaves. This has been the best time to be a lawyer since the LA Law area of TV.

All of this lawyer on lawyer reminds me of Gimme Some More by Busta Rhymes.

Friday the 13th

President Trump’s Russia problem just got a whole lot worse when Special Counsel Robert Mueller expanded his legal team with an additional 13 lawyers truly making this Friday the 13th for Mr. Trump. He can jump on Twitter to deny the facts to his troll army of Redhats but the truth is starting to shine through this dark cloud that emerged over this country on 11/09/16. This whole thing started because Trump wanted to be richer than he is and got himself in a huge mess with the Russian oligarchs and Mr. Putin took notice. Once Mueller starts investigating the Trump Organization (which he is now doing), Trump is royally fucked (his kids too). Who doubts the Russians have been helping him out financially and the bill has become due and he can’t deliver for them so he is being held over a barrel—he is going to be embarrassed by what the Russians have over him, exposed for not being a billionaire, the hooker stuff and/or the cover-up and obstruction of justice? Probably all of them. It doesn’t help that the US Senate passed the Russia sanctions bill, pushing back against Trump. Don’t be surprised if that golden shower video somehow makes itself online sometime soon.

One last thing:

“Trump wants ‘internationally supervised elections’ in Cuba yet does nothing when 17 intelligence agencies say the Russians hacked the US election in over 39 states but who’s counting? Not Jeff Sessions! He criticizes Cuba on human rights issues yet sells billions in weapons to Saudi Arabia even as they decimate civilians in Yemen. He rips Castro but praises Putin, Erdoğan, and Duterte. Trump is a hypocrite and a poor leader. ”

—Dan Vegas

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