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President Trump Throws in the Paper Towel To Puerto Rican Hurricane Victims

There was a big dog whistle blown by President Trump this week in Puerto Rico. His stunt of throwing paper towels at Puerto Ricans was a major dog whistle to his hardcore racist supporters. He could’ve been more presidential with the hurricane victims by coming into Puerto Rico with a more compassionate and somber tone. Instead, it was the 100% Trump Show! There goes our President making wisecracks and jabbing at his political opponents for the TV cameras hamming it all up. The Apprentice hasn’t ended for him. He’s made his presidency into one giant reality TV show that 300 million Americans are now forced to watch. Trump could’ve handed out supplies like every other politician for the photo op and then been on his way to one of his many golf courses but he then decided to throw paper towels and cleaning supplies to the Puerto Rican people in the grandest of spectacles with the cameras rolling. It’s an obvious wink to his supporters that he sees these people as beneath him and he’s made no effort to hide it. Guys like Trump sees Hispanics as the help and it was beyond obvious with the paper towels that he chose to toss at the crowd while he had the media’s attention. This spectacle has played over and over again on TV. Trump is a moron when it comes to governance but he’s a genius at dog whistle politics. You’ve got to give him a small hand on that one.

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