Season 241 of America

Donald Trump and his family were hired to shakeup the show's final season.

In November of 2016 at a creative meeting, 62.9 million producers came together to vote to add some much-needed drama to my favorite show, America. Much of the opinion research leading up to the meeting suggested that many viewers preferred that America stay with the old and tired plotlines of stability, leadership, and strength. But in the end, the producers wisely chose differently. They hired experienced reality TV star Donald Trump and his family to shake up the show. After all, the last memorable season of America was more than 10 years ago and involved a horrific terrorist attack, natural disaster, and an economic collapse.

Now, in its 241st and final season, the world’s oldest TV show is finally coming to an end—and the plotlines have been epic. From allegations of Russian interference in the election to angering our oldest allies this season of America really has raised the bar in terms or outrageous, fun and entertaining plot lines. Perhaps the most outrageous plotline of them all took place during sweeps week with the firing of then F.B.I. Director James Comey. This was a stroke of genius and a jaw-dropping moment for the audience. Who would have thought that the man investigating President Trump could have been fired by Trump with little rational explanation? Or, that the Justice Department would then be forced to respond by appointing a Special Counsel (Comey’s old boss and friend, Robert Mueller!) to continue to investigate Trump. If fan blog rumors are true and we see Comey testify against Trump next week it would make one wonder if America can continue to deliver on this highly volatile and interesting final season. I for one will continue to watch with great interest.

You can find America on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News weeknights at 8:00 PM.

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