White Cuck Down

Burned Bannon begs forgiveness but can't stop the Fire and Fury.

Steve Bannon is officially out of Breitbart News due to the fallout from Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury after Bannon had criticized President Trump and his family’s communications with Russian operatives. I can’t say that I’ll miss Mr. Bannon but he did make a real dent to Trump’s recent political victories in passing massive tax cuts for the rich and having Dow Jones swimming north of 25,000. All of that good news for Trump has quickly been forgotten. He also pushed the Republicans to losses in Virgina and Alabama late last year. Bannon has become the unexpected MVP for the Democrats. The newest Senator from deep Dixie red Alabama is a Democrat! It’s an epic fuck up. The control of the Senate has been tight, and now the squeeze is coming in sooner than expected all thanks to Bannon endorsing and going all-in on racist Roy Moore. All of the never-ending headlines from Fire and Fury has hindered any momentum that Trump and the Republican Party could’ve used heading into the 2018 midterms. Fire and Fury is a Page Six style read, but it’s got enough juice to bait Trump into another daily Twitter tirade that continues to dominate the news cycle and drive him away from being focused on the Republicans agenda. Trump once again can’t get out of his own way and resist sinking himself further down in another battle with the media. Could Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan be having some serious buyer’s remorse right about now?

Unemployed, denounced by Trump, and rejected by his Mercer billionaire backers Bannon is now seeing his reign as the Machiavellian Prince of the Alt-White coming to an ignominious end. His last play might turn to the Trump campaign’s possible collusion with Russia. He took a full swing at Kushner and Donald Junior in a move almost designed as an invitation to Robert Mueller’s team. He’s got nothing else to do with his time. How else is he going to stay relevant? I’m sure class-A attention monger like himself would even sing like a canary to Mueller just to keep his name out there—and possibly write his own tell-all book. He’s got scores to settle and nothing to lose since being cut off like a rich brat that crashed mama’s Mercer’s BMW.

Fire and Fury paints him like a business and political flunky who wanted to make it big in Hollywood, Wall Street and politics but couldn’t until he tapped into the Tea Party movement and was able to latch on to Breitbart and espouse hate speech to gain attention for himself. He struck lightning when he joined the Trump campaign, but that same thunderbolt zinged him in the ass after his ego grew bigger than Trump’s. Now Bannon is just another white cuck—down and out.

Image credit CC-BY-2.0 Michael Vadon
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