Happy Friday!

Is it 5 pm yet?

No, I’m not talking about happy hour. I know that we could always use another drink in the Trump era but today is #FireFriday. I’m just waiting for what’s become our regular scheduled Trump Administration firing session, or at the very least we’ll get a juicy article out of the New York Times or Washington Post, and if we’re lucky, we might get a double whammy out of these two news giants. Will #Rexit take place or another domino from the Trump-Russia investigation fall? I’m leaning on a Tillerson resignation after #Morongate which has left President Trump infuriated. There’s no way Tillerson makes it past Halloween. His press conference this week was weak and pathetic. Cuck-a-doodle-do! A man of Tillerson’s stature doesn’t need to be on his hands and knees kissing Trump’s orange ass. Somethings got to give. Must still be working on that Russian oil deal for his comrade Putin? The other theory is there’s that suicide pact that he’s got with John Kelly, Steve Mnuchin and Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis. They have all agreed that they’d all resign together if it got too hot in the kitchen. I guess the heat hasn’t been hot enough which is shocking because we can smell the smoke.

Another underreported development is the recent news that Chief of Staff John Kelly’s phone was hacked as far back as December—not just an embarrassment of grand proportions given he previously ran the Department of Homeland Security—but a severe security breach. He’s one of the rare adults in the White House that keeps Trump from going apeshit on the whole world. He might be gone quicker than you might expect but he’s a dark horse in this race on who will be axed today. The smart money is on Tillerson being out today but don’t be too shocked if you see Kelly not too far behind. Mad Dog Mattis seems safe in his position with a clean record and I think he’s the only guy that Trump truly fears and respects. Mnuchin’s million dollar travel expenses and his wife’s Instagram attacks are bad headlines which Trump hates but he’s the fox in the hen house, and his bros on Wall Street want to keep him there as long as possible.

Right now the economy is Trump’s only saving grace but that’s always subject to change. He can’t ride on that forever. Having a Congress and Senate in the Republican’s hands that’s full of inaction and incompetence will turn off donors and eventually Wall Street will lose faith and the market will take a dump. Today was the first sign of a rougher time for the economy ahead. The US economy lost 33,000 jobs in September — the first since 2010. I know a big part of it was because of the busy hurricane season, but Trump’s weak response won’t help that recovery. There is no Trump economic plan so sooner, or later this will become a trend in Trump’s tenure. The businessman CEO President won’t have the economy to brag about, and Wall Street will realize the emperor has no clothes.

The countdown for the 5 pm firing begins! Stay tuned to your TV screens. Something is coming today…

Here’s a recent firing tally:

Friday, July 21: Spicer out
Friday July 28: Priebus out
Friday Aug 18: Bannon out
Friday, Sept 29: Price out
Friday, October 6: ????

Will it be Secretary of State Rex Tillerson or White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly?

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